For sure, many sports fans and especially athletics fans remember the scandal involving Ben Johnson. In 1988, he made a seemingly fantastic act, going around at a distance of one hundred metros Charles Lewis. However, soon his body found traces of prohibited substances, and Johnson was disqualified. In his body was discovered Winstrol, which is one of the most popular steroids. Recently, the profile of Internet resources often discusses the danger of this steroid for the body. Today’s article is devoted to the topic – Winstrol: negative effects.

Winstrol is more dangerous than effective?

Winstrol is more dangerous than effectiveStanozolol or as it is called Winstrol, treat soft anabolic drugs. Despite the rather low efficiency in terms of weight gain, Winstrol continues to use quite a few athletes. Initially, the drug was sold in tableted and injectable forms with a low content of active substance. Today, manufacturers have set the release of various concentrations.

In previous years, bodybuilders used Stanozolol before the start of competition to give muscles a relief. The drug is a chemical substance classified as an anabolic steroid. It has strong enough anabolic properties, which, however, is not expressed in a significant increase in mass when it is used. On the other hand, this is easily explained by the weak androgenic activity of the drug, which is significantly inferior in this indicator to testosterone.

Despite this, Winstrol continues to actively take. This can only be explained by the fact that Stanozolol is considered the safest anabolic. Let it not be able to give a tangible and rapid effect, but it will not harm the body. But after a series of studies, it was found that the negative effects of Winstrol are high enough and it can be attributed to very dangerous AAS.

How harmful is Winstrol?

How harmful is WinstrolAs a result, the question arises, how much is this steroid dangerous? Immediately need to say that the impact of Winstrol on the body is not fully understood.

It is absolutely certain that the effect of Stanozolol is not very different from similar drugs. After its application, aggressiveness may increase, an acne may appear, possibly hair loss, etc. This is inherent in all steroids, created on the basis of highly allergenic forms of the male hormone. But in practice things are somewhat different. Since Winstrol has a weak androgenic activity, it can not increase aggressiveness, but, on the contrary, reduces it. This was confirmed by experiments with animals.

After the administration of the drug, the subjects even ceased to respond to the provocative actions of other males. It was also found that Winstrol had no effect on seminal vesicles, unlike other drugs that can replace testosterone. Thus, you can talk about Winstrol as an antiandrogen. In general, the reaction of the human body does not differ from the reaction of the experimental animals.
For this reason, it can be argued that when using Winstrol in humans, there may be disruptions in the sexual system, in particular the susceptibility of individuals of the opposite sex.

Research Winstrol

The chemical structure of Stanozolol shows that this substance is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Consequently, Winstrol can not be subjected to aromatization, which is inherent in androgens. The cases of estrogenic side effects with the use of Stanozolol alone are practically not fixed.

On the other hand, it would be wrong to say that the danger is completely excluded. Experiments in rats have shown that the drug is capable of accelerating the sexual maturation of females that are in the pubertal period. This can be avoided only by inserting estrogen blockers before the course of Stanozolol. It is difficult to say that this effect will manifest itself in humans, since the dosages used by athletes from experimental ones are very different.

However, the results of these experiments made it possible for scientists to propose that stanozole possesses antiestrogenic properties with respect to the receptors of female hormones. Here it can be compared with the popular among athletes Tamoxifen. Despite the fact that Winstrol himself is unable to convert into estrogens, it is able to stimulate the aromatase receptors, thereby causing other androgenic substances to be flavored.

None of the experiments carried out could prove that Stanozolol can act in the role of an estrogenic compound. Actually, it can be confirmed by athletes using the drug. The ability of Winstrol to give muscles a relief is associated exclusively with the removal of excess fluid from the body. When using solo, the risk of developing gynecomastia is virtually excluded. However, as a part of combined anabolic cycles with the use of other androgenic steroids, this risk substantially increases.

What else is dangerous Winstrol?

What else is dangerous WinstrolMany athletes are sure that Winstrol’s negative effects are excluded, and he can not cause liver damage. However, recent studies in this direction have shown the opposite. It should be noted that these experiments have lasted quite a long time and their results should be given serious attention. The majority of subjects found a hanging of the production of enzymes by the liver, which can indicate violations at the cellular level.

This case was not the only one when Winstrol’s negative effects were noted. It was recorded quite a lot of cases of increased heart rate and other irregularities in the work of this body. It is also found that Stanozolol helps to lower the level of good cholesterol, while increasing the content of bad cholesterol.

Thus, it can be said with certainty that a large amount of evidence has accumulated about the negative effects on the body of Stanozolol. Care should be taken when using this steroid.

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