Winstrol was originally used to increase horse endurance during competitions. Only after the study of this substance was conducted, it was allowed to use for people. Winstrol itself is an antagonist of progesterone, but it does not block the progestogen factor nandrolone.

The peculiarity of this drug is that it has a water rather than an oil base as in most of these drugs. If we talk about the tablet form, then it is not peculiar to pass through the liver and cause negative side effects. Winstrol can also be bought in tablets; it is quite affordable. Winstrol is considered a relatively safe substance, therefore it is approved for use by women. It is worth remembering that with an increase in the required dosage, the appearance of masculinization is still possible.

Winstrol is an androgenic and anabolic drug that is often used by athletes in preparation for competitions. The substance is used mainly to dry the body and rid it of excess water. The drug is available in two forms – injection and tablet. Winstrol can be bought both in one and in another form.

Mostly athletes use pills, since during the course of anabolic steroids the body also suffered from injections. You can buy Winstrol in any online store or pharmacy. In the latter, of course, it is much more expensive, and the likelihood that they will be sold to you is a quality and certified product is not great. Now fakes are found everywhere.

Winstrol is a highly effective drug that is taken by athletes and athletes to burn fat, maintain muscle relief and increase strength. It is also called stanozolol injection.
Over a half-century history of use, the drug has earned the title of one of the most popular anabolics and doping.
Initially, the drug was launched on the market under the name Winstrol and was used as a medicine to treat anemia, strengthen the body and eliminate the effects of surgery and various injuries. Subsequently, due to the good results that the drug showed, he migrated to the field of sports, and later to bodybuilding.

Since the 90s, the use of the drug in sports has been prohibited, and is diagnosed with doping control. Although in fairness it should be noted that most athletes, and most often this drug was used by athletes, swimmers and weightlifters, were able to achieve high results in a short time precisely thanks to him. Consider the most basic positive effects for which it is worth buying Winstrol safely and without prepayment:

1. The drug not only does not retain water in the body, but also effectively removes its excess, forming an ideal muscle relief
2. Working directly on the muscles, increases their strength and endurance of the whole organism
3. Efficiency tested over decades of use.
4. The drug can be used both solo and in conjunction with other means. Having picked up the “group” you need for yourself, you can achieve amazing results from scratch
5. This drug is the safest dope in its group. Optimally combines a positive effect, minimizing the negative effects
6. The drug is presented by various manufacturers. The price of Winstrol in the UK is one of the most affordable, compared to other anabolics.

Winstrol cycle

Winstrol cycleVery often, the drug is used for drying and increases muscle relief. The effect is more noticeable in athletes who have a moderate amount of adipose tissue. Winstrol can be taken by any athlete who has a desire to pace and increase the relief of his body and the endurance of his body.

The recommended dose of the drug is 50 mg per day, if a tablet form is taken, then 30 mg is enough. If you use the drug for boxers or athletes, it is enough to use 20 mg, since representatives of these sports need only increase endurance, and not draw muscle mass. Winstrol course is quite convenient for any athlete to take.

The duration of the course is no more than 5-8 weeks. Before you start using any steroidal substances, you must undergo an examination in the clinic. If the drug was used on the course to increase the relief of the body, it is necessary to use post-cycle therapy after it, if the substance was used during the course of Winstrol, then after it no longer need to use any drugs.

Winstrol is a widespread anabolic-type steroid that is a progesterone antagonist. Today, the use of stanozolol injection (Winstrol) is strictly prohibited in sports and threatens the athlete with complete disqualification. Many athletes try to improve their strength and external performance only thanks to this drug.

The tool, depending on the form of release, is used in the form of tablets and injections for intramuscular administration. Many professional athletes who have used the drug more than once claim that using the drug orally does not bring the same stunning effect as when injecting into the muscle.
To take the course during which only Winstrol will be used, you need to use 30-50 mg of the drug daily. Reception begins gradually with a small dose, which rises over several days and is fixed for another week. For a woman per day, it is effective to use 5-15 mg, but do not overdo it. When using the product several times a day, side effects on the woman’s body are reduced.

Tablets are recommended to be bought exclusively from experienced and trusted sellers. They know exactly which remedy is good and will be able to advise something interesting. Beginners in this regard do not know much and sometimes do not even understand what you are talking about.

Winstrol combination

Winstrol combination

Very often winstrol is actively used together with Testosterone Propionate. Together, these funds give a positive result. When using testosterone and Winstrol, the first is used exclusively at 100 mg, while stanase is used at 30, or even 60 mg, depending on how much the athlete is progressing and whether he needs a dose yet.

Very often in conjunction with stanozololol injection (Winstrol). methane is also used. Usually this is done by inexperienced beginners who want to quickly build muscle. Unfortunately, such a combination can only cause side effects, and also does not bring the desired effect. Such a connection is usually popular with beginner bodybuilders who are just getting used to their body.
Before using the drug, it is very important to pay special attention to the fact that it is necessary to undergo a full examination for side effects and negative consequences. If the doctor allows the use of drugs and a combination with others, then you can safely start.