Winstrol Depot is an anabolic steroid, injectable, it appeared in the 80s, at first it was eaten to criticize, they say it does not work, but in fact it did not give bad results.

Winstrol Depot

Many athletes took it and got good results. How does this steroid differ from others? First of all, Winstrol Depot substance is dissolved in water, and not in oil, like other steroids (Retabolil, Deca Durabolin, Sustanon, etc.) which are dissolved in oil.

Winstrol Depot is bestThe active substance in this steroid is Stanozolol, this steroid almost does not retain water in the body and does not become estrogen. Winstrol Depot is best taken with another steroid, since it does not contain enough androgenic components, it is best suited with Fianadeqte. Dosage Finajackt (Parabolan) 30 mg plus Winstrol Depot 50 mg daily, also it can be taken in combination with such steroids: Oxandrolone, Hanabol, Masteron, Testosterone Propionate and growth hormones. This steroid is suitable for both muscle set, strength and for preparation before competition, since it does not retain much liquid in the body. To those people who are starting to take steroids, it will work in conjunction with Primobolan or Deca Durabolin. These drugs are not very strong and the side effects from them are minimal.

Of the pluses is that this steroid is more quickly acting from others, the drug is not very strong and the side effects from it are minimal (if not exceed the dose).

Of the minuses, its effect on the body is less long from the rest, through this it needs to be taken more often (every other day or even every day for 50 mg). His injections are more painful, because it is made on the basis of water.

Side effects of this drug:

muscle spasms, headaches, high blood pressure, at high doses there is a load on the liver. If a woman takes more than 50 mg, changes in her voice begin, the amount of androgens in her body increases, frequent scars appear on her body.