Nice and well-known anabolic steroid Winstrol. Performs in two forms – pills and injections. In the case of an injection form, an unusual fact is the solubility of the substance in water, and not in oil (as the same testosterone). It is well assimilated in both forms, but it is still preferable to use injection wstrolol, represented by popular strombofort or stavel from vermoid.

Stanozolol does not have strong androgenic and anabolic activity, which classifies it as a class of soft and safe steroids. In other words, stanozolol is used to increase physical performance, avoiding side effects in the form of fluid retention and without the risk of gynecomastia.

The set of mass from Winstrol differs in quality and dryness. Experience shows that most of the typed muscles are retained after the course. The drug is often used to increase strength, which occurs at a moderate pace, but for a long time remains in the arsenal of the athlete. If you are interested in a significant increase in mass in the shortest possible time, you should not choose stanozolol as the main steroid. This results from low androgenicity and lack of aromatization – there is no conversion to estrogens and there is no “bay” with water. Ester testosterone, nandrolone decanoate, methandrostenolone, boldenone, which go in conjunction with Winstrol, are suitable for mass-selective cycles.

The main sphere of application of stanozolol in bodybuilding is the precompetitive stage and the period of diet, drying. Stanozolol is without a doubt the best steroid for the preparation for competitions, since it can positively influence the formation of the musculature relief. From the use you can clearly feel the formation of dry and high-quality muscles, when the athlete already has a low percentage of fat and the shape is close to what you need to perform. During severe, prolonged and debilitating diets, the well-known steroid stanozolol helps to keep muscles from destruction and not to lose physical condition.

To avoid misunderstandings, it should be clearly explained that stanozolol does not burn fat and does not make the muscles hard directly. The cosmetic (obvious) effect of stanozolol is manifested during the diet. Another interesting consequence of stanozolol is the release of water from under the skin. In other words, there is an easy diuretic effect. A significant advantage of stanozolol is that it does not become estrogen. Absence of aromatization eliminates the fact of accumulation of unnecessary liquid in the body.

Dosages of stanozolol

Dosages of stanozololThe effective dosages range between 50 mg every other day and 100 mg every day. The ideal dosage during the competition is 50 mg of stanozolol every day. Fans who want to achieve a certain muscle mass, while having a relief, willingly use in their cycles vinstrol. The minimum dosage will be 50 mg every other day.

The drug, as you can already see, requires frequent injections, to maintain the concentration of the substance in the body at all times. Many put Winstrol every other day, but the best results are seen at 50 mg daily.

Winstrol Combinations

A mild anabolic ligament looks like primobol 200-300 mg per week and Winstrol 50 mg every day. A more potent combination is testosterone propionate or testosterone enanthate along with stanozolol. Both options can be practiced by novice athletes. Some use Winstrol from the beginning to the end of the course in order to maintain muscle mass.

Often used a known steroid stanozolol and with boldenom. Most often, the injection form is used in terms of effectiveness. The combination of vinostrol and boldenone promotes a strong fat burning. Winstrol 50 mg daily and 50-100 trenbolone is an excellent pair for the precompetitive phase.

Stanozolol side effects

Stanozolol side effectsAs for the side effects, recently attention is drawn to the increase in liver activity with the use of the oral form of stanozolol. In practice, negative effects are not expressed and the liver itself is restored after the abolition of anabolic steroids. Whoever does not care, chooses just injectable stanozolol.

To avoid pobachek it should be banal to limit the use of the drug in duration. Stanozolol in tablets should not drink more than 4-6 weeks; injections should not be longer than 6-8 weeks.

Combinations of stanozolol and trenbolone, oxandrolone, masteron can provide pronounced, positive results in the formation of relief and venousness. However, such fat-burning combinations can adversely affect the joints. To eliminate the risk of frequent practice, there is the use of Winstrol and Nandrolone together. Thus, stanozolol will suppress progestagen activity of nandrolone, and the latter – will improve the joints and ligaments due to synovial fluid accumulation. Instead of nandrolone, you can also apply here the testosterone P – propionate from vermage

Naturally, it is possible to use stanozolol solo, but the best results are observed when combined with other drugs.

Pros and cons of Winstrol

Pros and cons of WinstrolSumming up, we can note the following positive aspects of the use of stanozolol.

  • The drug increases physical performance.
  • Increase in dry and quality weight.
  • It does not become estrogen.
  • Does not retain water.
  • Almost safe steroid.
  • Reduces the progestogenic activity of other steroids.
  • Practically does not suppress own production of testosterone.

From the minuses we can say the following:

Do not expect a sharp and significant increase in muscle mass. For the set, Winstrol should be combined with testosterone or decaural durabolin.
Inadequately high dosages and long duration courses may reduce synovial fluid in the joints.
Stanozolol and PKT after course therapy
In view of the fact that the safe and known steroid stanozolol practically does not inhibit endogenous testosterone, it is possible to stop the drug without PCT. But it’s only reasonable to do this with a reservation about using Winstrol solo – the only drug on the course. In other cases, it should be treated with tamoxifen or clomid. best steroids for bodybuilding southern sarms food supplement for bodybuilding