As part of Winstrol, the main active ingredient is stanozol. The following preparations are available on the market that have this substance in their composition:

Winstrol Depot, Strombos, Stanol, Stanabolik, Stanobolon.

Probably, there is still no such anabolic, with which there were so many conflicting reviews. One group of athletes talked about his total inactivity, that is, after the expiration of the course, or during his no growth of strength and mass was noted. However, there were others who extolled Winstrol to the skies. Nevertheless, this drug is still among the favorite anabolics of many athletes. So, the famous runner Ben Johnson, using Winstrol, not only set his famous records, but also built up muscles, which would be envied by any bodybuilder.

In total, there are 2 types of Winstrol on the market:

Winstrol on the marketOral and injectable. Injection is much stronger than its oral analogue, so it is preferred by many more athletes. Injection Winstrol, unlike other steroids, dissolved in oil, is dissolved in water. That is why the effect of its reception comes quickly, but the action does not last long. The optimal dosage is 2 times a day, the total daily dose is 50 mg. Since the active ingredient stanozolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, vinstrol itself does not have a strong aromatic effect and in rare cases causes accumulation of water in the muscle tissues.

The main area of application of this anabolic steroid is bodybuilding in preparation for the competition. In combination with a proper diet and frequent training, Winstrol provides quality musculature. Since the substance of stanozolol does not have a pronounced androgenic property, reception of Winstrol is usually combined with parabolan. Not without reason this “bundle” was called “Top combination of champions”. Although modern science has not identified any consistent use of these steroids, many athletes report good results from taking 50 mg Winstrol every 1-2 days in combination with 75 mg / 1.5 ml parabolan every 1-3 days.

Winstrol is also actively used during periods of weight gain. Since water accumulates slightly, a good quality of muscles is provided in combination with a tangible increase in strength. I must say that after the termination of the rate indicators, as a rule, are not lost. Bodybuilders, wishing to gain a solid increase in weight and strength, combine the reception of Winstrol with dianabol, anapolone, testosterone and deca-durabolin.

Minus winstrol is that the market has a huge number of its counterfeits. Therefore, when buying, be extremely careful. In itself, this steroid is considered quite expensive, as its daily use flies in a very round amount.

Another drawback of this anabolic is the appearance of scar tissue on the buttocks. This causes athletes to inject Winstrol into different muscle groups, and not just into the gluteus muscle. In general, I must say, this method is becoming increasingly popular, because, according to many bodybuilders, the muscle into which the injection is made gets stronger growth.

Oral vinstrolu in general, all those descriptions that relate to injecting. As already mentioned above, oral vinstrol has a much less effective effect. There are no scientific explanations for this. The fact that most of the drug is deactivated in the liver, looks very fantastic.

Insufficient effect can be explained by dosage, since with the injection Winstrol the daily dosage is 50 mg, while in the oral analogue it was necessary to take 12-15 tablets per day to ensure the same level of consumption, which is simply unrealistic. Firstly, because of the high cost of the drug, secondly, such a volume of tablets will affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and also increase the negative effect on the liver. The City Where Blacks Suffer Under ‘Stop and Frisk on Steroids’ parabolin ‘TTIP on steroids’: Campaigners warn post-Brexit UK faces ‘disastrous’ trade deal with US